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Welcome to ForcePlot!

An open source project aimed at developing a universal algorithm that can plot any complicated mathematical equation.

It already outperforms many mainstream programs in the ability to plot difficult 2D graphs at the cost of few seconds of computing.

Written in C# targeting .NET Framework 3.5

Example plot: (y-|2x/3|)²+(|x|-2)²=81


Some cool graphs to try for yourself

  • Heart: (y-|2x/3|)^2+(|x|-2)^2=81
  • Face: (xx+yy-81)*((|x|-4)^2+(y-4)^2-2)*(4xx+yy-4)*(xx+10(y+5)^2-9)=0
  • Net: cos(y)=cos(x)
  • Rays: cos(10y/x)=0

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